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Gym is easy


People always find it hard to get up their ass and go to the gym! You finally get to the gym and give it your best and feel happy about it. Well done. You have done the easy part of it.

For years I’ve been training and challenging myself to do something I find it that I enjoy my sessions in the gym because it’s the easy part. Well, apart from the sleeping bit. Continue Reading…

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Skipping Meal To Lose Weight?


Everyday I speak to people about their fitness goals, what they want to achieve, etc. It all comes down to same thing. TO LOSE WEIGHT! But always same question arises would eating fewer meals or even 1 meal a day would help me lose weight?

Yes it kinda make sense because that’s technically similar to calorie deficit. Calorie Deficit mean you consume less calories than your body burns. Experts recommend consuming  250-500 less than your body burns  in order to lose weight.

Continue Reading…