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Dumbbell Floor Press


So recently the gym has been so busy everyday because everyone’s “summer training”. So I have been challenged a lot on compromising when it gets to training people at the gym.

Luckily, I have been in a fitness industry for years and learned a lot of things throughout. One thing I have rediscovered is the dumbell floor press!

It’s basically dumbell chest press but you are lying on the floor and I forgot how amazing it is. Apart from people kept walking past you holding weights whilst you just lie there hoping they don’t drop it on you.

The best thing about floor press is it’s harder for you to mess it up! You will definitely hit that spot on your chest and yes you will feel the burn even if it’s lighter weight that you normally do. The only hard part is getting it up when you have no one there to help you but you’ll get used to it and whatever you do, do not drop the dumbbells straight after set and it will bounce and probably land on you.

Another thing is, sometimes when you’re chest is fully smashed and you end up compromising by using your shoulders on that last couple of reps or if you have shoulder problem, Floor press is the solution because you are using neutral grip and it reduces the extension of your shoulder joint.

Long story short, Floor press is definitely great to add on your chest routine.

For you guys that do not know what Floor press or want to learn correct form, here’s a video

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