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People always find it hard to get up their ass and go to the gym! You finally get to the gym and give it your best and feel happy about it. Well done. You have done the easy part of it.

For years I’ve been training and challenging myself to do something I find it that I enjoy my sessions in the gym because it’s the easy part. Well, apart from the sleeping bit.

You probably don’t know because my site got hacked and deleted but I have been doing 17 week transformation challenge for Bodypower Expo 2015 and hopefully finally compete myself instead of focusing on other people’s goal for once.

I push and push myself every single day. Get up in morning and get on it 20 mins of light cardio every single morning and weight training and conditioning as well. I come out of that gym all smashed out and I know I’ve done my best to push myself but then I realise everyday that gym is the easy part of it all. I struggle more of actually getting that food in and making sure I eat enough throughout the day. As much as eating all day sounds amazing, well it’s not! Eating basically same every single day 7-8 times a day is the worst thing ever. No matter how creative you get with your food it’s always going to be the same thing.

I went to a healthy cooking class for 2 years and fully nutritionist qualified kinda helps to get creative with food to give it a bit of excitement but again no matter what it all comes down to eating it especially when your not even hungry.

So every time you struggle to get up and get your ass in the gym you have failed to do the easy part already. Eating part is the most important bit of achieving your fitness goals.

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