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Skipping Meal To Lose Weight?


Everyday I speak to people about their fitness goals, what they want to achieve, etc. It all comes down to same thing. TO LOSE WEIGHT! But always same question arises would eating fewer meals or even 1 meal a day would help me lose weight?

Yes it kinda make sense because that’s technically similar to calorie deficit. Calorie Deficit mean you consume less calories than your body burns. Experts recommend consuming  250-500 less than your body burns  in order to lose weight.

The main problem with people is they end up eating fewer meals a day to the point that they fast all day and only eat a large dinner. Fasting will make you the most miserable person in the world! It’s horrible for you and for your body! Your intellectual and emotional functioning changes and it plays with your system. Most of all you will have  horrible hunger pangs that are really horrible to resist which most of the time leads to eating junk food by snacking and binge eating.

The best way to tackle Calorie Deficit is be smart about it and spread out your calories throughout the day and make smaller high quality, full of nutrients and with complex carbs and lean protein combined. You will lose weight especially combined with a good gym training regime. Eating smaller healthy meals will bump up your metabolism and help you burn more fat. The best is you won’t be so miserable.

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