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ZUU and Ankorr Training


So basically last year work has sent us to do ZUU Training Level 1.

ZUU is a registered training style based on high intensity primal movement patterns mixed with strength and endurance body weight exercises.

Blending old school methods, sports science, and proven techniques with new and innovative approaches, every workout targets all major & minor muscle groups while engaging both the aerobic & anaerobic energy systems.

Put simply — every ZUU session will be one of the most comprehensive, effective, and intense experiences you’ll do!

ZUU was brutal and it really pushed my fitness to the next level. Fitness was intense and when we did it only 11 out of 192 people have completed the test. I really enjoyed it and been teaching it every week for only 20 minutes at a time – trust me that all you need!

ZUU has helped us rediscover the basic principles of movements. Zuu uses 30 animal movements such as the bear crawl (walking on all fours), frog squat (a dynamic squat position) and gorilla walks (jumping like an ape) and mixes them with bodyweight exercises for muscle, aerobic and anaerobic work.

You will burn fat in short period of time and you will ache for days better yet weeks but you will enjoy it.

Watch my short video of ZUU Training


imagesFor few months now we have been trying to get in Ankorr Training but it’s either get cancelled or something comes up. We’ve finally managed to get booked in few days ago and the man that invented ZUU and Ankorr Training which they normally call ‘The Son of ZUU’ – from what I have experienced I would call it ‘The Devil Son of ZUU’.

Ankorr is the worlds first “Animate Load Harness”. It’s unique design allows the “anchor points” to move through 180 degrees of sagittal planes & 360 degrees of transverse planes. This means our athletes & soldiers can move forward under load, spin 180 degrees through their sagittal planes then move in reverse while staying under constant load.

In doing so, Ankorr pioneers what we refer to as “Fluid Resistance”. This is where we can simulate “game specific situations” for athletes & “field specific conditions” for soldiers. This prepares them both for operational readiness like never before.

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Ankorr Training made ZUU seemed easier. Now I know what Brutality means after I met ‘The Son of ZUU’. We had to do all over again but worse with a harness and it was a challenged and made me question about my fitness level. The worst bit – same as the ZUU Training, at the end after hours of training you have to do a fitness test that will tests you mentally and physically.

Here is few clips of our training day:

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